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Monday, November 27, 2006

Jim Baker's Traveling Circus

Jim Baker's Traveling Circus, in reference to the
Iraq Study Group, is still on the road. At present
casualty rates more than 150 U.S. military men and
women may die in Iraq before the release of the
Baker report, due December 7, 2006, or January of '07.
The Bush administration and the Bush family have
bungled the Iraq War, played fast and loose with the
lives of young American men and women. We
invaded Iraq to prevent the detonation of a nuclear
bomb - "remember the Mushroom cloud," they
said. And also, to capture WMD's supposedly
stockpiled by Saddam Hussein. The same sort of
lies used by Adolph Hitler shortly he invaded Poland.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld assured the American
public their use of "Cyclops," a mind-bending
propaganda ploy, would make this war an easy
conquest; a "Cake Walk," they said, where
Iraqis would kill other Iraqis to the benefit of an
American president. We ask now, Sir, is this
plan to be carried out by Superman or Cinderella?

The Bush administration invaded Iraq for oil, and
more oil, and to enrich the Bush family who are
stockholders in the Industrial Military Complex,
i.e., The Carlisle Group. Such is the power
of kings.

Evolution: First, God Created Woman

In the history of the human species the female has
chosen the male who would father her offspring.
She carries in her DNA the all-important primal
instinct, Survival of the Species. Reason and logic
require an explanation: First, God created woman.
From Lucy to the present, through 40,000 years of
human history; of birth and rebirth. Evolution by
preferred selection. Mutation - the result of time,
distance, climate and diet. First from black
Ethiopia/Africa, we the Black people have populated
the planet and sustained life here. Such was the
journey from the start.

To Bill Cosby, Comedian
Sir, if you invested $350,000,000 in a trust fund
the interest paid would be $14,000,000 a year.
Live off of 2 million and, with the balance change
the fate of a thousand Black citizens in the
Northeast quadrant of the United States.

Sir, from enslavement to Reconstruction, Jim Crow,
James Crow, to today's invisible Black man, here's
where we have been and where we are now. The gun
and white men's willingness to use it to kill black men
and black families is the fear I have been writing to you
about. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., may have
died for almost no reason. The Federal courts and the
President should have been the enforcers of Black
rights, which are Constitutional Rights before, during
and after Rev. King's life and death.
During Reconstruction, 1873, President Grant used
Federal troops in the South to reinforce Constitutional
rights of the 13, 14 and 15th Amendments.
There was little support in the northern states for the
enforcement these lawful rights for Black citizens.
White men, with no fear of prosecution, could and
did murder Black families by the thousands out of
prejudice and hate, for sport or economic gain,
and for any imagined Black impropriety.

The Emmett Till case of the 1950's (as you may have
read about or remember) was a typical happening in
these United States. If Black men tried to protect
themselves the U. S. Government would send the
army to defeat them. To take a Black man's land,
home and business during Reconstruction and after
was 'business as usual.' This White man had no fear
of prosecution. He needed only to shout 'Runaway
Slave! Rape! Thief!' etc., etc. The Black man would
be lynched, burned at the stake, jailed or run out
of town. This despite any evidence to the contrary.

No state or other government entity, nor the U. S.
military stood ready to enforce Black Constitutional

-------- "Afraid of livin', scared of dyin'"---------

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Art Shell, Head Coach Oakland Raiders

Been watching your games of late, how
disappointing, sitting here counting for you.
Timing is certainly one of your problems, and
is key to successful NFL football. What you
need is an Offensive Coordinator.

Take note here: Practice your two Wide Receivers
and your Tight End with your Quarterback and your
Running Back separately from other positions. Make
sure that on the count of three, the ball is released
from the quarterback's hand - essential to
passing plays.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Each of the above-mentioned skilled positions
must think first, timing-- one thousand one,
one thousand two, one thousand three...
that is the release count for the quarterback. The
receivers must then look for the ball - long, short, or

The offensive line must hold for at least four and
one-half seconds on a pass play:

"One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand
three, one thousand four, one thou... "

A good route for the receivers, rather than
complicated would be Okay. Timing, timing,

"A simple plan well executed beats a great plan
not executed at all."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Put the Electoral System on Trial
November 8

Vote November 7 by Absentee Ballot. Why?
It's a paper ballot marked by you in dark
pencil and delivered to the County Clerk's

Any other voting method is suspect.
If the Bush team wins this congressional
election, Bush will institute the Draft.
More and bigger wars. Remember, he
is a 'War President.'

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Better to "Jaw-jaw than Wah-wah"

President Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld meet at
the White House--
Subject: Progress on the War in Iraq

Sir, the war in Baghdad could get better. But, it will
certainly get worse, such as any war against an
Invader/Occupier. Iraqis killing other Iraqis for the
profit of an American president... I think not.
650,000 Iraqi civilians dead, so far.

The Iraqi/Arab people and their neighbors are
planning, with murderous intent, to execute Americans
by any means necessary. Their mission is to kill,

capture,and maim Americans of any stripe, in such
numbers as to make future invasions of their land
Other nations around the world have studied American
military operations in Viet Nam, Granada, Panama,
Somalia, Bosnia and the 1992 Gulf War.

For the next 75 years, the Arab nations will make
their stand in Baghdad, calling upon billions of Arab

citizens if necessary, live or die. For the Arab world,
this war is a marathon, not a sprint.

Condoleeza Rice, what's wrong
with peace?

What America needs is a free and unconstrained
"Department of Peace." The United States of
America is a superpower. We set the standards
for the world. (This is an excellent position for you,
Word on the street is... Donald Rumsfeld does not
return your phone calls - a clear indication of
disrespect. President Bush has done nothing to bridge
this gap. As you may have already witnessed,
something is very wrong, here.
Resign, now! The "Good Ole Boys" have locked you
out. Ambassadors and Prime Ministers around the
world are aware of your weakened status. Resign
tomorrow! Write books, get married, have babies!

Clarence Thomas, The Sleeping Justice

Ever wonder why Justice Anton Scalia is the most
powerful Justice in the history of the modern United
States Supreme Court? Scalia - the only Justice ever
to have two (2) votes on any subject before the court.
Like a runaway slave, Clarence, Scalia has papers
on you.
Remember your confirmation hearing, and
Anita Harris' testimony regarding 'pubic hairs on the
Coke can?' Well, Scalia knows the facts, and Clarence
Thomas knows he knows.
There are three ways a Justice can be removed from
the Supreme Court:
1) Impeachment by fellow Justices,
2) Resignation...

Bill Cosby, Entertainer and
TV Personality

Once, we were kings. But we have learned to hate
ourselves. Why? The answer is Fear.
In the thirteenth century Marco Polo, a well-to-do
European trader embarked on a journey that landed
him in China, where he remained for 24 years.
On his return to Europe in 1295, he brought silks,
spices and hundreds of other commodities, including
Black Stones, which we know as coal (charcoal)
and Sulfur - two basic elements of gunpowder.

Europeans, in this period, had become skilled in the
manufacture of church bells. The fusion of these
two events is said to be one of the days the world
changed. Gunpowder, exploded from the hollow
of a bell equaled.. the canon. The first cannon
was fired in Europe 31 years after Marco Polo's
return from China.

Without such a weapon the Europeans could not
have colonized the Americas or enslaved the
African in the Americas in such vast numbers
(60 million), for such an extended period of
time (371 years).

Monday, October 16, 2006

Schools and Guns

School Safety Conference, Oct. 10, 2006,
Convened by the President of the USA

The Classroom is No Place to Die--
All of our children do not need the 'Columbine

Predators, laughing all the way to the gun store,
know the President and Congress are blinded by
the Gun Lobby and their contributions.

Give citizens Gun Control legislation, or give back
our National Guard. Mothers of school children
will know what to do with them.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Putting A Value on Labor

In 1858 through 1863 White Americans, North and South had this
argument concerning Black free labor.

So severe, so troubling the argument that some states seceded from the
Union - South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Mississippi,
etc., etc.

These states armed themselves, marched ready for battle in support to
continue free Black labor.

The question was asked, "why change?" This has been a profitable
endeavor for 250 years, blessed by the church and approved by Pope

The answer, my friend, we must fight this war to give White men's labor
some value. And the army paid $12.00 per month.

For the most part, the Union soldier was White, poor and unemployed.

If saving Black people had been the Mantra for the call to war, White
Union soldiers would have stayed home. But, for a chance to raise his
living standard, work for a living wage the white man was willing to die.
Yes, there were other, secondary benefits from the Civil War; Emancipation
and saving the Union.

In 2006, the American people are again faced with this 'Right to Work'

President Bush has allowed 30 million workers, without restraint, to cross
the border from Mexico and Latin America, who are willing to work for
less than the minimum wage.
History repeating itself?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gas prices down while thirsty war machines slurp oil??

Traders of commodities have said the oil market is too large to be
Maybe that's true, but lately it appears there's a fox in the hen house.

Send word that some powerful SOB is now probing, and in control of
the worldwide oil market, as of August, 2006.

Whomever is in control would like you, Mr. & Ms. U. S. Voter, not to
see $3.99 a gal. at the gas pump come November 7.

Spring, 2001: Vice President Chaney convenes a secret summit meeting
at The White House with oil and energy tycoons from around the world.

The Vice President was sued to make the records of this secret summit
open to the public.

Coincidentally, the Vice President and Justice Anton Scalia take off
together on a fishing trip.

The case to make public the records of the secret summit, is heard at
the Supreme Court; Plaintiff loses by one (1) vote. The record of this
energy summit are now closed.

People in the present administration have the power to control the vast
Oil Market, tap your telephone and send your sons off to a war based
on lies-- such is the Power of Kings.

Fooling around with your vote is as easy as taking candy from a baby.
Millions of Americans exercise their vote, but only Dick Chaney
determines the count.